Welcome to a breathtaking Village with an ancient history.

Only 20 minutes way from Lisbon, Ericeira enjoys the uniqueness of natural beauty. A vast coast, filled with superb beaches, a tranquilizing background to a truly picturesque village.

Engaging, truly eclectic and complementary, it benefits from the natural charm of Sintra, the patrimonial treasures of Mafra, and the bucolic surroundings.

You will not want to miss the chance of living here!


Ericeira is notorious among surfers, being considered one of the world’s most famous places for surfing, hosting the ASP World Tour these last few years.

The numerous high quality facilities and the challenging waves make a wonderful contribution for surfers all year round. This is home to one of the best know surfers of all time: Tiago Pires, or simply, ‘Saca’.

Truth be, in Ericeira there is so much more to life beyond surfing and various water sports. If you consider beach life a synonymous to full relaxation, if you love either Golf, BTT or horseback riding, this is the place for you.


Considered one of the most typical Portuguese fishing villages, Ericeira’s gastronomy provides everything the sea has to offer.
Experience the vast number of restaurants specialized on everyday fresh fish and seafood.
If you enjoy having homemade meals, do not miss the opportunity of supplying at the city market or even negotiate directly with the fishermen at the fish market. To better enjoy your seafood you can acquire a variety of vegetables grown on the nearby countryside.


An ancestral testimonial.

Ericeira not only lives in the present but has rightfully owned a place in the History of Portugal. In 1910 it witnessed the end of the Portuguese monarchy. It was from this village that King Manuel, the second, the last monarch of Portugal, fled to exile in England, along with most of the royal family.

Being one of the most ancient villages in Portugal – having the first royal charter in 1229 – it soon shows a great calling to the sea. However, it’s during the 19th century that Ericeira enjoys its golden years. Ericeira’s harbour becomes the most important harbour on the Portuguese west coast. Its appeal brings some of the most important and wealthy Portuguese families to its grounds as well as economical growth.